Attock Gold Turbo CF-4/SG, 20W-50

Attock Gold Turbo CF-4/SG, 20W-50 oil is designed to  safeguard your engine in extreme operating conditions. It helps to enhance engine life and lower maintenance cost. Protects engine against deposits and lowers acid formation.


Attock Gold Turbo is recommended for use in Gasoline and Diesel four stroke engines as well as Turbo charged units. The SAE 15W 40 viscosity range of Attock Gold Turbo ensure quick Oils circulation on startup, giving better protection to the critical areas such as camshafts, cylinder liners, and bearing and turbo chargers.
The broad range of usage makes it a better choice for mixed fleet operators where it is used in cars, trucks, 4WD, buses plus many off- highway vehicles and plant engines.


  • Enhanced anti wear properties.
  • Enhanced high temperature oxidation control.
  • Improved control of volatility and oil consumption.
  • Appropriate for more severe application in diesel engines
  • High temperature deposits plus reduced wear, corrosion, foaming and soot accumulation.
  • First preference for mix fleet operators for cars, trucks buses and off-highway vehicles.

Available Packings:

4, 205 Liters.

Purchase Points/ Availability:

You can buy lube from your nearest APL Fuel Station OR for further queries please Click Here.

Refer to vehicle owner’s manual for final recommendations.

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