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Attock Hidrive Super SG/CD, 20W-50 – Motorcycle Oil

Available in: 0.7 Liter & 1 Liter


Attock Hi-drive Super SG/CD, 20W-50 is high performance JASO MA2 compliant motorcycle oil. This product is formulated to deliver higher clutch frictional performance. It is formulated to create a strong film over engine moving parts for protection against wear and tear in high temperature conditions.

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Attock Hidrive Super viscosity range ensures quick circulation and easy cranking on startup, plus extra protection on high operating temperatures. These features ensure full protection especially for engines operating in hot climate. Can be use where JASO MA2 recommended.


  • Safeguard against soot, varnish, sludge formation, acid and corrosion.
  • Better Oil pressure.
  • Enhanced antiwear control, especially in high performance engines.
  • Greater resistance to oxidation.

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