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Attock Petroleum Limited (APL) has magnificently managed to create an eminent position in the Oil & Gas sector of Pakistan, and is successfully fueling the needs of the nation in every sphere of the oil industry. Recently, APL has signed a joint venture with Pakistan State Oil and marked its footprint in the Aviation Fuels business. The Joint Venture of two icons of Oil & Gas Industry of Pakistan having a consolidated experience of more than four decades started refueling operations at Islamabad International Airport.

Attock Petroleum Limited has created its noticeable position in the aviation industry of Pakistan through a Joint Venture, taking lead in establishing the country’s largest fuel facility. In May, 2017, APL established the state of the Art fuel farm facility at the New Islamabad International Airport. The fuel facility at the airport has 12km hydrant line of 14 inches’ diameter with 55 hydrant pits to ensure uninterrupted and reliable refueling for the aircrafts throughout the day. The facility is fully equipped with robust storage capacity, and up to-the-minute product pumping system and is technologically equipped with monitoring and control systems and fool-proof security system which contribute in making it most advanced fuel farm of the country to date. International Aviation Auditors of IFQP, ATI and several Airlines visited Fuel Farm Facility after commissioning and not only endorsed the standard compliance but also appreciated with exceptional remarks. It is also built in accordance with EI-1540, NFPA, JIG, ATEX and OGRA’s standards and has been highly endorsed by multiple international airlines who have availed the perks of our facility since it’s commissioning.

In a highly competitive market, APL continues to break through the challenges and is proud to announce that APL as the First National OMC to be an associated member of Joint Inspection Group (JIG), the world-leading organization for the development of aviation fuel supply standards covering the entire supply chain for Aviation Fuels from refinery to wing-tip. The JIG standards are followed by over 100 member organizations globally, operating at over 2,500 airports and having its supply and distribution locations in over 100 countries.

Attock Petroleum Limited is built on principals that stand strong on values & vision and is fully dedicated in providing its customers with the top-of-the-line facilities and products. The JIG membership, undoubtedly is considered to be one of the greatest milestone accomplished in the aviation segment of APL, and the rest of which we are yet to achieve.