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Our Comprehensive Product Range

We have a complete Lubricants product range catering to all automotive & industrial requirements.

Precision & Durability

Explore Lubricants Categories

Dive into our diverse range of lubricant categories, each crafted to meet specific needs.

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APL Lubricants

Elevating Engine Performance

Our advanced formulations ensure optimal performance, protecting your engine and enhancing its longevity.

Advanced Formulation

We feature cutting-edge formulations tailored for modern engines, ensuring peak performance and longevity.

Versatile & Compatible

We offer versatility across various engines, providing a unified solution for both gasoline and diesel applications.

Sustainable Performance

Committed to environmental responsibility APL contribute to sustainable practices by enhancing fuel efficiency

Wear Protection

Our lubricants prioritize wear control and soot dispersion, safeguarding critical engine components

Our Products Line

Avaliable at all APL Outlets and leading Lube Stores

Attock Hidrive Super SG/CD,

Safeguard against soot, varnish, sludge formation, acid and corrosion.

Attock Hidrive Supreme SL/CF,

Improved control of volatility and oil consumption.

Attock Hidrive Advance SN,

Enhanced anti wear control, specifically in high performance engines

Engineering the best solution

Unleash the Power of Precision and Performance with APL Lubricants. Crafted with Precision, Engineered for Excellence.

Superior Performance

Our industrial lubricants feature an advanced formulation tailored to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial applications.

Corrosion Protection

Engineered to safeguard machinery and equipment from corrosion and oxidation, our industrial lubricants feature exceptional corrosion protection properties.

Optimized Viscosity Range

Whether it's high-speed machinery requiring low viscosity or heavy-duty equipment demanding high viscosity, our product line offers the right viscosity grades to ensure optimal performance.

Wear Protection

Our lubricants are designed to form a protective film over components like bearings, cylinder lining etc, thus preventing wear resulting extended lifespan of equipment without breakdowns.

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