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APL’s Procurement Department sources and coordinates delivery of high-quality materials and services to support our operations & projects in the most cost effective and timely manner through competitive bidding.

Our procurement process is driven in accordance with company’s policy & procedures which ensures transparency, competitiveness & equal opportunity to all the suppliers / contractors and safeguards APL’s interest & integrity.

We strongly focus on developing and maintaining balanced business relationships with all our suppliers/Contractors whilst introducing new suppliers/Contractors as part of our continuous improvement process.

Prequalification Categories and Guidlines

PF-001 (Category A – Civil Works)

PF-001 (Category B – Mechanical Works)

PF-001 (Category C – Electrical, Instrumentation Works)

PF-001 (Category D – Piping Works)

PF-001 (Category E – Construction of Retail Outlets)

PF-001 (Category F – Supply of Material & Equipment)

PF-001 (Category G – Fabrication & Installation)

PF-001 (Category H – Supply, Installation & Commisioning of Solar System)

PF-001 (Category I – Supply, Fabrication & Installation of Prefabricated Structure)

PF-001 (Category J – Consultancy & Designing Services)

PF-001 (Category K – Engineering Services for Soil Testing & Topographic Survey)

PF-001 (Category L – Supply of Uniforms)

PF-001 (Category M – 3rd Party Certification & Inspection)

PF-001 (Category N – Petty Contractors)