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Retail Network

APL has managed to establish its presence and reputation as an aggressive and dynamic organization in a short span of time. APL offers top quality fuels on its multi-fuel retail outlets that are environment friendly having supreme quality and the correct quantity. With every passing day we add to our strength by energizing the lives of several hundred thousands of customers in a highly congenial manner and our fast growing market share is a testimony to our superior fuels and services.

Currently, we have a well-established multi-fuel retail network of more than 750 retail outlets nationwide while hundreds are at different stages of NOCs or construction. Our retail outlets are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and service techniques for a delighted fueling experience. Beside regular liquid fuels, our selected retail outlets also offer CNG as well as non-fuel retailing options such as tuck shops, car services and lubricants.

To set unprecedented benchmarks of site standards & customer/forecourt services, APL has also established COCO sites in major cities of the country. Company Operated retail outlets are also used for conducting multi-facet trainings of our dealers for efficient management of their respective stations. Through these trainings dealers’ know how of managing petroleum oil & lubricants is improved for the benefit of end customers.

After having established a reasonable presence on highways and agri belts, APL is now channelizing its energies on enhancing its presence in cities through development of sites in urban centers. This strategic shift has got tremendous response from city dwellers in the past 02 years and through these lines, we further welcome interested individuals and organizations for joining hands with the future of energy by becoming the consistent, reliable and first fueling choice of customers.

We are in partnership with several organizations of repute for development of multi-fuel retail outlets nationwide. To name a few APL is collaborating with Askari CNG (AWT), CAA, CDA and DHA through various arrangements for a win-win outcome.

APL in its past 12 years of operations has been able to capture a substantial market share and we today rank as the 3rd largest OMC on the basis of aggregate market share and holds the strongest future prospects in the industry. Our growth trend has outshined the competition particularly in the past 02 years. (Ref: Market Participation Report of OCAC)

Attock brand is a symbol of reliability & consistency and we take great pride in being part of the only vertically integrated oil group in the country that explore, produce, refine and market the best quality fuels at its retail stations scattered from Khunjerab in extreme north to the southern borders of the country in Karachi.

All our operations and activities are in strict compliance with our environment, health and safety policy. APL has always shown strong commitment towards conducting its business in an honest, ethical and legal manner. The continued success is largely due to our operational excellence, financial discipline, risk management and principles of good corporate governance.