Company Registration Number / Date of Incorporation

0035831 / December 3, 1995

Status of Company

Large Size Public Listed Company

National Tax Number


Date/License Issued by

OGRA dated June 19, 2019

Company Secretary

Mr. Sabih Ul Haq Qureshi

Contact Email Address

Company Auditors

A. F. Ferguson & Co., Chartered Accountants

Share Registrar

CDC Share Registrar Services Limited, CDC House, 99-B, Block “B” S.M.C.H.S. Main Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi-74400.

Customer Support Services (Toll Free) 0800-23275

Fax: (92 21) 34326053



Legal Advisor

Ali Subtain Fazli Associates, Mall Mansion, 30 – The Mall, Lahore.

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