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Attock Cut S Oil

Available in: 205 Liters


Attock Cut S Oil is formulated from high quality mineral base oils and Emulsifiers to provide stable dispersed milky emulsion with water ensure high performance machining Operation. Attock Cut S imparts anti-Corrosion and anti-rust properties to emulsion. Reinforced with antibacterial properties it ensures odorless operation during service life.

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Attock Cut S Oils used to keep the cutting tool and work piece cool during general machining operations e.g. turning, milling, boring, tapping, drilling, grinding and screwing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


  • Superior cooling.
  • Excellent surface finish.
  • Prolonged tool life.
  • Odorless operation.
  • Chlorine and Sulphur free.
  • Suitable for variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
  • Protection from rust and corrosion.
  • Reduce production and maintenance costs.
  • Good Oxidation stability.

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