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Attock Gears Oil EX

Available in: 205 Liters


Attock Gear EX Series Lubricants are formulated with selected base oils and high quality additive package reinforced with Sulphur and phosphorous to provide extra protection to heavily loaded gears in wide variety of industrial application. Attock Gear EX also inhibit rust, oxidation and corrosion.

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Attock Gear EX Series provides excellent protection to enclosed and open industrial gear drives, Most suitable for use in Cement mills, ball and rolling mills, crushers and conveyers, kiln drive gear boxes, winches, machine tools and marine equipment. OEM recommendation may be considered for selecting optimum viscosity.


  • Superior loads carrying and anti-friction characteristics.
  • High thermal stability additive system reduces the formation of high temperature compound, which can be corrosive to bearing materials.
  • Longer oil life.
  • Low foaming tendency

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