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Attock Hidrive Super SG/CD,

Available in: 3, 4 & 205 Liters


Attock Hidrive Super SG/CD, 20W-50 is a high performance gasoline engine oil that provides excellent lubrication and protection to gasoline engines. Attock Hi-drive Supreme gives outstanding wear protection guaranteeing high performance under high ambient temperature. Most suited for older gasoline engines and where SG/CD, 20W-50 oil is recommended.

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Attock Hidrive Super viscosity range ensures quick circulation and easy cranking on startup, plus extra protection on high operating temperatures. These features ensure full protection especially for engines operating in hot climate.


  • Safeguard against soot, varnish, sludge formation, acid and corrosion.
  • Better Oil pressure.
  • Enhanced antiwear control, especially in high performance engines.
  • Greater resistance to oxidation.

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