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Attock Hidrive Supreme SL/CF,

Available in: 3, 4 & 205 Liters


Attock Hidrive Supreme SL/CF, 20W-50 is a high performance gasoline engine oil that provides excellent lubrication and outstanding wear protection under high ambient temperatures. This product is developed to maintain oxidation and thermal stability under high stress and thus prolong engine life.

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Attock Hidrive supreme is recommended for use in passenger car engines including Gasoline and turbocharged Diesel engines. Attock Hidrive Supreme is well suited for hotter climatic conditions. It provides extra protection to moving parts of engine in high operating temperatures.


  • Enhanced anti wear control, specifically in high performance engines.
  • Enhanced engines deposit control.
  • Enhanced high temperature oxidation control, which is necessary for engines operating under severe conditions at high temperature.
  • Endurance against rust and corrosion
  • Better and easy startup
  • Improved control of volatility and oil consumption.

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